A new and innovative way to include adverts into your livestream.

JipAdvert provides an additional way of income for your livestream and you keep the full control.

You decide on which position the advert is shown and which size it has. This is made possible by our smart plugins, which are available for the streaming software you use. Only on the defined areas the advert will be shown. You arrange it, scene by scene.

You also decide how often an advert will be shown per hour.

And you can choose which advert-categories do not fit to your stream. And if an advert is showing up, that you do not want, you can easily hide it with a click.

Once JipAdvert is set up, you can focus on the most important part: your stream. We will take care of the advert rotation.

You can easily payout your income to PayPal via our web-portal.

Based on our "Sharing is Caring" principle, the creator of your used broadcast software and your streaming platform will also gain a share.

You should always know how your income is calculated. Therefore we provide you detailed statistics and graphs.

How exactly does JipAdvert work?

Displaying an advert


If your stream is started, our plugin is downloading an advert.

The quality of your stream has always first priority. Our plugin has reduced memory consumption and scaled download queues.


As soon as the advert is downloaded, it will be shown on your stream at a scheduled time.


During the showtime of the advert, our chatbot will display the corresponding advert-text several times, depending on the displaytime of the advert.


If an advert is shown completly, it will successfully booked and a share is added to your income.

When is JipAdvert available?

We have almost finished the development. The first tests are scheduled around June/July 2017.

We would really appreciate it, if you would take part.

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We at JipServices are livestream maniacs. Games, creative oder real-life content, we love it.

The passion, creativity and the personalities, the combination makes livestreaming to a unique experience.

We want to push the livestream-scene to a new level. Therefore we develop comfortable web-applications and plugins for different broadcast-applications. We want to make the daily routine for streamers easier, so they can focus on what they do best.

Our principles

We are proud of our company philosiphy and its 4 key principles.


We break new ground, not only in development. Our goal is to connect new with well-known stuff and find new solutions for known problems.

Sharing is Caring

Our partners and customers are the key components to our success. A fair and obliging athmosphere is the base of a fertile cooperation.


Transperancy and frankness are our foundation. We trust in our customers and partners.


We know what we are capable of. The focus on our strengths allows us to provide the best we can give.