For advertisers and agencies
JipAdvert is offering a new, exciting advertising format.

A combination of banners and text messages, right in the livestream. The adverts complement the stream, and your product thus becomes part of the live appearance.

As a livestreamer
JipAdvert combines freedom and financial incentives.

The freedom to decide whether, what, where and when an advert is displayed on your own stream. And all that can simply be configured using a plugin for your broadcast software.

JipAdvert will be available to you soon.

We are in the final stage of development. Are you as excited as we are?

JipAdvert is bringing livestreamers and advertisers together

Lots of ideas are developed every day... Some are ahead of their time, some are even too late, and others have come along at exactly the right time. We believe that, with JipAdvert, we have met the needs of our time in the livestreaming industry.

It is aimed at livestreamers operating in all genres, advertisers and livestreaming platforms in equal measure. And just as the requirements of each individual group are diverse, JipAdvert addresses each individual group in a unique way.

Live demonstrations

We are planning the initial live demonstrations from mid/end October 2017. We are offering them in two languages at present. We will announce the exact dates soon.

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